Christmas Recap

Oh, my goodness.  We have had an awesome last week.  So awesome I don’t want to forget it.  I’m not sure what made it so great.  Maybe it was because it was Erik’s first Christmas, maybe because Sof fell in love with the tent Grandma Bonnie got her.  Or maybe it was because Lane insisted that every present was “his”.  No joke.  One of Adam’s gifts were socks and he claimed them as his.  Lane’s getting greedy in his old age of 2 years.

And I took pictures.  Lots of ’em.  So sit and relax, you know, with a bowl of popcorn and a nice glass of wine pop and enjoy!

Day 1:  Swenson Christmas


This is a classic look for Erik at this stage in his life.  The “what-the-heck-is-that-large-black-thing-you’re-sticking-in-my-face” look.


Most of my pictures look like this if Sof is the subject.  She was practically running back and forth with excitement.  Have I mentioned how much I love her?  ‘Cause I do.  A lot.


Along with this lady.  She’s pretty special.




This year Adam was spoiled with a lot of disc golf merchandise.  Between shirts, long sleeved shirts, a new stool (not that kind, but one that he can sit on when a game goes too long), he totally scored in this department.  I don’t think he’s too upset about it.  And, if he is, he’s hiding the disappointment with that adorable smile.  Gosh darn him!


Mom got Erik a wagon.  Mainly so he can pick up his homeboys in the neighborhood.  #theyseemerollin  #theyhatin


I don’t want to forget these little hands.  Ever.


And then came this…the ultimate gift of the day.  THE TENT.


I think she liked it.  So much so she spent the rest of the afternoon in it, inviting everyone to come in; Uncle Adam, grandma, mom and dad.  At one point she wanted all of us to come in and join the party.  I came in and promptly took a nap.  These days that’s my idea of a party.

We had an awesome day with my side of the family and I didn’t think it could get any better.  But the Robb’s brought something to the party.

Day 2:  Robb Christmas


Before any presents are opened, the Christmas story is read from Luke.  Every year, it’s read, it gets me.  Seriously, if you were Mary would you not be completely freaked out?  As I get older, the better I understand the gravity of the whole situation.

But back to the Robb’s.


This little guy was of course the highlight.


And this guy is always my highlight.


This may appear to be your average Christmas Cactus, but this plant reminds me of Adam’s grandma Helen.  And it was great to have it blooming in the same room we were all in.


This year seemed to be the year for “big” gifts.


Patrick and Julia got mom and dad an aerial picture of the farm.  This picture was taken in 1973 (is that right Patrick?).  It’s pretty cool to see the similarities of the property from then to now.


Jim and Beaty got a gift from us kids in which Beaty told us that we spent too much money and we shouldn’t do that again.  We’re grown adults with mortgages and we’re still being scolded.  😉

For one of my gifts, I opened a tripod.  WOO HOO!!!  Which meant before we all left the farm that day, we needed a few family pictures.  Mom, I plan on bringing the tripod New Year’s Day so we can get a family picture.  You know without having to use a ladder in the front yard.  🙂


And yes, Julia and I are wearing almost the same shirt.  What can I say?  Sisters from different misters (and moms for that matter…)


But our week’s fun wasn’t over when I got home I was able to open my last clue for my birthday surprise.  By this point in the week I had the following clues:


go to






My last clue was: d

Before I tell you where we went for my birthday surprise, do you have any guesses?


Alright, it’s time to spill the beans.  How was your Christmas?  Was it great?  Fabulous?  I would love to hear!!!

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