Birthday Surprise!!!

Yesterday when I left you, my clues were:







With the last clue being the letter d.  And most of you figured it out!  Of course you did; you’re just so dang smart!

It spelled Sweden; my native land.  Well, like my grandpa’s relatives.  But my surprise wasn’t a trip to Lindsborg or to the country of Sweden.  But somewhere much better in my opinion…


We live in central Kansas and the nearest Ikea is over 3 hours away.  Which means we spent most of the day on the road.

Adam loves me.

A lot.

We ended up spending over 2 hours in Mecca, I mean, Ikea.  Their showrooms were amazing and it made me wish we had more rooms to fill than we do.  I was a bit worried when we arrived Adam would be bored out of his mind, while his wife spun circles in the showrooms with butterflies and birds flying around.  But I think Adam enjoyed himself as well.  At one point he was laying on a bed bemoaning the fact Ikea doesn’t have patterned sheets.  Seriously, all of their sheets are plain colors.  Plain, plain, plain.  And he wanted to find plaid sheets.  Man, I love him.  🙂

But plain colored sheets didn’t keep us down.  It was so much fun to oodle over their furniture and accessories.  In fact, we came home with quite a bit.

You want to see?!


First up:

Alarm clock .


I have been wanting an alarm clock like this for the room and they had it.  For cheap.  Ah!

Art Easel 


We both saw this and immediately thought Sof would love this!  But we’re going to be selfish and keep it at our house.  Adam found a butcher paper roll that attaches to a bottom rod and will then rolls over the top.  Heck, I may take it on a test drive before Sof gets a shot.

Fake Plant with Pot


I don’t know why, but I got really excited about this purchase.  It was probably because I feel like I have a more grown up nightstand.  Or maybe because the pot was 49 cents.  Either way, i love having this little guy next to my Willow Tree angel.

Bath Hook


You may be thinking “You just hung up a hook a few months ago”.  And you would be right.  Very right.  However our current hook wasn’t working.



Luckily, we rarely have the door fully closed, but when it is, it looks like the pajama monster is hanging out in our basement bathroom.

We are very excited to have a hook that will be able to handle two people’s pjs and a robe.

Swinging around in the same room, we were able to add a few new things.



It is so nice to wrangle a few of our bathroom supplies into baskets that doing a pretty decent job of hiding clutter.  Again, inexpensive baskets.

And last, but certainly not least.

Baking Pans

I can finally pay homage to my ancestors by baking them a cake.  But not just any cake, a cake in the shape of a…



I almost ran across the store when I saw the pan.

And to celebrate our victory we had lunch at Kansas City Joe’s.  We ate ourselves silly.

Kansas City Joe's Pic

I had an awesome birthday and part of that goes to you!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for the wonderful birthday wishes!  You really know how to make a person feel extremely special on their birthday.  THANK YOU!!

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