Another Bathroom Reno

Yep.  You read that right.  In the year 2015 this blog will chronicle another bathroom renovation.

But didn’t you just build a bathroom downstairs last Summer? you may be asking.

We sure did.

However that isn’t the bathroom that needs the updates.  It’s our bathroom upstairs that needs a few tweaks.

DSC_0471It wasn’t until we built a new bathroom that we realized our first bathroom needed some fresh updates to make it nicer for not only us, but for our guests.

We were able to have the tub professionally re-glazed about four years ago and had been pretty happy with it until recently.  You see, it began to peel in certain areas because of water puddling on the top.  Mainly where I had set my shampoo bottles.  Whoops.  I guess you can blame it on my vanity.

Over Christmas break while I was cleaning the tub, I ended up ripping off all the caulk around the edge.  I definitely wasn’t planning to do this, but I was just really tired of seeing mold and mildew growing around the edges of the shower.

With our basement bathroom downstairs we only use the upstairs bathroom occasionally.  So by having ripped out the caulk wasn’t an issue because no one would be using the shower.

See what I mean?


DSC_0476We have already done a bit of research to know that we can find a tub to fit our space.  That’s a relief!  Something we need to do a bit more research is tile.  You see, I want to use a chunky subway tile (something like this) to pay homage to our house’s roots.  Just like what any good home owner would do.

While we are improving a few things in here, something else I would like to do is to update the medicine cabinet.


This is what I looked at while getting ready for the past six years:

DSC_0473A rusted side.  And it drove me a little crazy every morning.

I haven’t given this project too much thought, but I ‘m thinking that a bit of paint and a thorough cleaning will get the job done.  Our medicine cabinet is old enough that it has a little slot for you to slide your old razor blades through.  As far as I know, Adam hasn’t shoved any Mach III blades through the slot.  But you never know…

Another little project is replacing the door.  The door, it’s what you might say…functional?  But completely lacks in the personality category.

Case in point.


We would replace it along with the hardware to match our new doors downstairs.  Again, the OCD is settling in in my old age.

All.  The.  Doors.  Must.  Match!


One last area I want to improve is our towel storage.


Katie Bower’s new bathroom inspired me to give building shelves a try.  Again, playing homage to our house’s past life.  🙂  Speaking of past life, I really want to find a miniature United States map to hang where the pictures are.  I did a quick Google and Craigslist search and didn’t come up with anything.  However I think a framed United States puzzle map would work as well.  We’ll see what I can come up with.  😉

So, there you have it.  The Robb’s are at it again.

What do you have up your sleeves this year?  Any replacing of doors that need a personality upgrade?

3 thoughts on “Another Bathroom Reno

  1. says:

    Have fun. I am sure your bathroom will look so nice and all the doors will match. 🙂 I would like to do some major overhauls too, but Tom is being balky. We’ll see what I can get done. Have a great week. 😀

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