When the Mood Strikes, Embrace It

Tell me you know what I’m talking about.  I was in the mood to paint.  More specifically, I was in the mood to paint our kitchen.  When we first moved in, our mothers helped us one afternoon peel bits of wallpaper off of the wall in some serious heat.  The previous tenant attempted to peel off the wallpaper, but left bits still stuck to the wall and then (AND THEN!) painted over it.  After that experience I never want to hang wallpaper ever again.

So fast forward six years and our kitchen looked like this:

DSC_0693Hallway with a “gallery wall”.

DSC_0694Printables I found on Pintrest a few years ago.  And, yes, I did spray paint those frames.  And not very well, I might add..

But over the years we have had to touch up a few areas and this is what we were left with:

DSC_0696Yours truly bought the wrong finish when we had our Sherwin Williams color matched at Lowe’s.  When I started to do the touch-ups I quickly realized my mistake.  And then waited to fix it.  Like four years.

We had last Friday off, so I knew I wanted to add this room to my major to-do list.  I spent Friday prepping the walls by taking down the frames and Adam helped me by patching the little tiny nail holes I made over the last few years.

DSC_0697But then it came time to take these down…


DSC_0695I literally just about shed a tear.  I was so proud when I bought these the first year we lived in the house.  Being in a pretty serious mood of making our house into a home, I poured over the UpperCase Living catalog, measured the area, and was super pumped when I made the purchase.  And now I was taking them down.

But, when I was done painting (ahem, Adam did help.  Areas of this room are pretty tall and, well, my husband is tall.  I’m a logical person.) I am pretty happy with the results:

DSC_0706I decided to not put the old frames back up.  The Robb’s are classy now!  🙂

DSC_0710DSC_0711The “gallery wall” will not go back up at this point.  I’m loving the clean look of these walls.  And the fact there aren’t any nail holes.

Since we had a little under a gallon and a half of the color we painted our dining room/living room, stairway, and family room, I took the easy route and stayed with that color.  Plus, I thought it would help tie in the colors of the other rooms better than the previous color.

After this project, I am done painting.  Not because I’m tired of painting.  I love painting.

Just ask Adam.

I’m done painting because the house’s color scheme is finally “there”.  Ahhhhh.  I feel like I can breathe a huge sigh of relief.

So, since I’m done with painting our house, anyone need something painted?  😉

6 thoughts on “When the Mood Strikes, Embrace It

  1. Jill Ptacek says:

    Yes, I do!! The reason I haven’t painted this particular room, beside being “painted out”? It is a hallway with a stairway going down, which means I will need some kind of scaffolding in order to reach. : ( Pretty sure even David or Adam can’t help me out on this one. I’m thinking this summer….

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