May Revisted…

This whole time thing can slow down please, thank-you-very-much.  When did June sneak in here?

At the beginning of May I told you I would let you know what my focus for the month was and I didn’t get back to you on that…my bad.  What is definitely my focus every month, but seemed especially important this month (for reasons I’ll get to in just a bit) is my relationship with my partner.  We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary May 31.  SEVEN!!  I still feel like I’m that 22 year old bride trying to figure what being a wife means. May is always a tricky month for us when it comes to giving our marriage attention.  We’re are trying to end a school year that has been intense at times, crazy, wonderful, and want to make sure we give our kids a great end to an amazing year.  There are track meets and baseball games to work.  End of the year slideshows to put together.  And basically, just making sure the kids survive the end of the school year.  Literally.  So there are times when our marriage is unintentionally put on the back burner. This year we decided to go completely crazy and a week before our anniversary we flew out to California.  No, we weren’t there to honeymoon like we had down seven years prior.  We were there to load a moving van, put a car on a trailer, and haul it across five states back to Kansas for dear friends.  Romantic, eh?  🙂 The first night we were there we were going to eat at a really nice restaurant to celebrate a bit early. DSC_0020 (640x427) Unfortunately, my tired body decided to give up and let a stomach bug take over.  It was not that much fun, especially considering I was able to check off my list of using the bags that flight attendants put in your chair pocket.  On both flights.  So, Saint Michaels Alley, until next time. By the next day, I was feeling like my normal self.  Thank the good Lord above and I was able to help load the truck and car.  And I could also witness my husband be incredibly creative of getting this beast of a vehicle out of our hotel parking lot. DSC_0013 (640x427) DSC_0012 (427x640) We started early Sunday morning and were done by late afternoon.  It could not have been done if we hadn’t had an amazing crew to help! DSC_0017 (640x427)They were awesome!!  Want to see their handy work? DSC_0014 (640x427) DSC_0016 (640x427) Once we had everything loaded, it was time for Adam and I to head out.  We didn’t have a strict schedule to follow, but we were itchy to begin our drive. Getting used to driving a heavy truck took some time as we were leaving the city.  And then, I saw this bridge that we had to cross… DSC_0024 (640x427) Can you see the curve of it?  I was just sure we were going to topple and lose everything.  Positive outlook?  Check. But we didn’t and we were able to safely cross without dying.  Over dramatic much?  Yep. There was some pretty cool countryside that reminded us of our native land. DSC_0026 (640x427) And then we saw the sign that we needed for the night. DSC_0030 (640x427) It was all I could do from reaching over to grab the steering wheel and taking us back to San Francisco one last time.  But, to Reno, Nevada we went! After several hours of driving a truck through the mountains of California and reading signs that read “bridges may be icy when dry”, we made it safely to Reno. DSC_0034 (640x427) Adam was a driving champ!  We were pretty white knuckled during the drive and were completely relieved to see these bright lights and know that we had a bed waiting for us. DSC_0035 (640x427) The next morning we were off again for a day of driving ahead of us.  And it was my turn to drive!

Jill Driving

Adam was pumped he could take a break for a few hours…

Adam Crazy Face

And I was just excited I didn’t fail driving the truck.  Whew!

Couple Driving

This day saw us driving from Nevada into Utah.  Maybe it’s because we’re both native Kansans, but we both developed some major mountain crushes as we drove through the state.

Nevada Scenary 2

Nevada Scenary

I think everyone has those weird things that make you weirdly excited.  For us, it’s driving through a tunnel.

TunnelInterior Tunnel

At the end of a long day of driving we drove into Salt Lake City for the night.  Even though we were pretty tired after a day of driving (sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it?), we still wanted to make it downtown to see the temple.  We were able to walk around for 30 minutes or so before they closed the buildings.  It was a bit surreal to see it in person.  But I got a rare picture of us….

Temple Couple PictureThe next day we made it to Wyoming where we stayed with some dear friends before we created a caravan with them back to Kansas.

Is their house not adorable?!

Aaron and Brit House The last day of driving was the longest, but it was so much fun to travel with our friends Aaron and Brit!!  We were able to get caught up on life and share some laughs along the way.  Once we got back home, we unpacked the moving van and everything in it in our friend’ new apartment.

We had a great reward for our work at the end of the week.  And that was a weekend with Aaron and Britt!  Stay tuned tomorrow to see where we got to go with them while they were here.  They even helped us celebrate our anniversary!!

Want a hint on where we went?  Ok, ok.  😉

Here ya go!

DSC_0134 (640x427)

Any guesses?!

2 thoughts on “May Revisted…

  1. says:

    What a long and exciting trip. So glad the stomach bug didn’t stay with you very long. Glad you made it home safely. Looks like someone went fishing. Adam’s idea? 😀

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