The Rest of the Story…

With the last post, I left you with this picture: DSC_0134 (640x427) After our long day of travel, we decided what better way to unwind than to head out to one of our favorite places on this planet? The Flinthills were calling our name. Dear friends of ours from church have an amazing cabin they generously let us use for a night.  This is a family cabin and we love coming here when life gets a bit overwhelming.  We decided to share this experience with Aaron and Britt and their little guy for our anniversary weekend.  DSC_0059The weekend was filled with a lot of laughter and a lot of relaxation.  We ate an awesome dinner in Strong City at Ad Astra.  (Mom, we’re so going here) and from there we took a quick side trip over to Cottonwood Falls.  A few weeks ago while in Emporia we saw the Dirty Kanza bike race being advertised that was to take place a few weeks later.   We had no idea that we would be pulling into Cottonwood Falls just as the bikers were finishing up for the day.

DSC_0079 (640x427)

Once the path was clear, we made a mad dash across the street to the bridge.  When we got there, we saw a group of guys along the bridge trying to bring up the largest flathead I’ve ever seen.

DSC_0083 (640x427)

So big, Adam gave it this look:

DSC_0081 (640x427)

After a struggle of a few minutes the guy decided to finally let it go.  But, at this point we were all ready to get to the cabin.  We decided to have a quick dance party in celebration.

DSC_0091 (427x640)

DSC_0092 (427x640)

After a little bit of a drive, we finally made it to the cabin.  A fire was quickly built and chairs were pulled around.

DSC_0106 (640x427)

DSC_0108 (640x427)

I can’t begin to tell you how much we value this friendship.  So, incredibly thankful.

The next day we got up for breakfast and, knowing there was a little boy who was very eager to catch his first fish, breakfast was quickly eaten.

DSC_0114 (640x427)

It wasn’t until a few days later that I realized this wasn’t a trip for us to tell about, it’s a trip for a little boy to tell about.  He needs to be able to tell the story of when he caught his first fish with his dad and Uncle Adam by his side.

DSC_0130 (640x427)

He needs to tell the story when his fun and loving mom allowed him to explore the nature around him.

DSC_0151 (427x640)

And when, after catching his third fish, he was a lifetime member of the A and A Fishing Club.  Which is quite a feat, because I’m not sure his mom or his Aunt Jill are members.  🙂

DSC_0143 (640x427)

But at least he celebrated my first catch of the summer.

DSC_0164 (640x427)

He also needs to tell the story of when he explored a creek where there were tadpoles and crawdads.  It was also in this creek he found some amazing rocks to throw.

DSC_0168 (640x427)

Something I hope this sweet boy tells about is how special his mom and dad are to his honorary “aunt and uncle”.

DSC_0179 (640x427)

Aaron and Britt were there when we got engaged and when we got married.  They have been there through the happy times, the sad times, and the times we just needed a friend.

So while I was able to tell some of the story, the rest of the story has to wait to be told. 🙂

DSC_0193 (427x640)

Just like the rest of this journey with this amazing man.

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