Lightin’ It Up!

This family room is going to get finished before I retire.


I keep making a few changes here and there mainly to keep the momentum going.  Because objects that are in motion stay in motion.  It’s science.

After cleaning out our storage areas a few weeks ago, I came across a large lamp.  Being in the purging mood, I immediately put it in the give-away pile.  One more thing outta the house!  But, then I really looked at it and realized the family room needs a beefy lamp and this one was already ours.  Why buy another one?

DSC_0856I have the matching lamp upstairs by the couch, but this poor guy had just been sitting in a plastic tub for the last four years.  Everyone together… awwwww.

After this find I had to make a trip into town and one of the stops included Target.  I hate it when I have to run errands.  😉  I love stalking shopping the clearance aisle.  And that fateful day in Target was no exception.  Why?  Because I found this!

DSC_0855And all of God’s people said AMEN.


Once the lampshade made it back to our abode, the next decision was what spray paint to use.

Decisions, decisions.

Don’t worry this one was kind of easy.  I didn’t want a color that would compete with our media cabinet, but I did want a color that would make a little bit of a statement.


I am really digging this color.  A few months ago I picked up a wicker chair from the side of the road someone wanted to throw away and painted it this color.  It looks awesome.  And it looks even better in my classroom.  So, I knew the color would look really sharp on the lamp.

I took it outside to the spray paining spot.  I wish I was kidding.  There’s a patch of dead grass that I’ve claimed as mine for projects.  Adam is happy to oblige.  🙂

Two coats of spray paint, lamp shade placed, and lamp set on the side table later the lamp has found its place.


So I have to ask, should I paint the cord?  Or just leave it?

Hope you have an awesome weekend!

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