An Historical Perspective

I’m just sitting here on a Friday night watching Fixer Upper with the love of my life.  Some couples like to hunt together, others like to exercise.  We like to watch home improvement shows.  Please don’t be jealous.  🙂

But watching this show reminds us of how we fell in love with our house.  When we walked in the front door, we knew we needed to make this building our home.  It just felt right.  The potential we saw through the bright green doors, the cruddy carpet, and sealed shut windows was great.  We just wanted our parents to know we really were being smart with our money.  Seven years later, I think they see the potential we saw when we walked through our house just a few weeks before we were married.

Over the years we’ve learned quite a bit about our house.  It’s a quirky place with history.  We have learned that the builder put plaster mortar clear up to the door jams.  The previous tenant really loved decorating with nails. Seriously.  I pulled over 20 nails out of the wall in the spare room when I was prepping it for paint.  We have learned our fire place in the basement is not original to the building.  But something we have most recently learned is the history people in our rural farming community have shared with us when our house was a country school.  Yep, you read that right.

Our house was originally built in 1949 after the previous building burned.  Just six years later most of the country schools were consolidated to one country school.  It wasn’t long after that when every child was taken into town for school.  Mound School was the name of the school that met in our house.  There were no more than 30 kids who attended grades 1st-8th grade from the Mound Township.

Last Summer we had the privilege of having three special ladies come out to give us a tour of our house when it was a school.

DSC_0904 (640x427)

Please meet Wanda, Danielle, and Valetta.  Wanda and Valetta are sisters (and cousins of  ours) and Danielle is a good friend of theirs from their childhood.  It was great having them come over for an hour or so and tell us stories.  These ladies were a hoot!

DSC_0912 (640x427)

The room we now use as our kitchen was originally a cloak room for students to hang backpacks.  When we first bought the house, I kept trying to figure out a way to move the kitchen to another part of the house.  But after living with it, I don’t want to imagine anything else.  It’s quirky and I like it.  DSC_0914 (640x427)

Looking down the hallway you’ll see our current upstairs bathroom to the left and our laundry room directly in front.  When the building was used as a school our bathroom was the girls’ bathroom and the laundry room was the boys’ bathroom.

DSC_0906 (640x427)

Our entire living space upstairs was the classroom for student in grades 1st through 4th.  The bedroom walls were built when the building was converted to a house in 1956 or so.

DSC_0907 (427x640)

When we bought our house, the stairwell didn’t have a window which made it the stairwell really dark.  Danielle (I believe) remembers falling down the stairs.  I have had similar thoughts when going down the stairs with my arms full of something.  Eeekk!

DSC_0908 (427x640)

We have always wondered about the little ledge on the window.  Our assumption was that it was used to serve lunches.  The ladies confirmed this suspicion when they remembered their lunch lady making homemade food for lunch.  Apparently the lunch lady had 12 kids at home and made everything from scratch both at home and school.  What a lady!

DSC_0910 (640x409)

Our current family room was the classroom for the 5th through 8th grades.  At the time of the school the fireplace was not there.

DSC_0911 (427x640)

Our current bedroom and bathroom are situated on top of the old stage.

We know there is a lot more history to be told from our house.  But as we continue to complete projects, our hope is that its’ history truly comes out of the woodwork.  Thank you so much Wanda, Danielle, and Valetta for taking time out of your day to tell us about our house!!!

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