Storage Borage

Today was glorious!  Absolutely glorious!!  Temperatures reached the low 60s today and I was even able to leave the storm door open.  It.  Was. Awesome!!

With the warm temperatures this week, it has inspired Adam and I to begin planning one of our next home improvement projects.


Increasing it to be more exact.

Our humble home was not built to be a place where someone lived; it was built to be a school.  Selfishly, I do wish they had our storage tubs in mind when they made plans for the space under the staircase…just kidding (kind of).  With limited space under our stairs we have had to be somewhat creative when it comes to storing family keepsakes and seasonal decorations.  We have been careful to only hold onto things that have meaning and/or serve a purpose, but it hasn’t prevented from odd collections of tubs in our family room downstairs.

Case in point…


The west wall under the windows has been lined with items that don’t fit under our stairs and we feel are too delicate to store outside in our carport.  We also have plans to have cabinets with doors built to sit on either side of the fireplace.  The cabinets will match the cabinets we have in our basement hallway to help tie everything together (although I did have my eye on these plans).  But until we can have them built, we are trying our best to manage with what we have.  That’s where these doors come in to the picture:


We have a spacious carport that is built into the hill of our house.  Shortly after we moved in to our house, Adam moved the doors farther into our drive to allow for more storage in this area.  Unfortunately, there haven’t been designated spots for a lot of the items so when it comes time to put them away, this is how it ends up.


You can’t tell from the pictures, but the storage tubs and scrap wood are organized.

Kind of.

So how will this spot of house help us with our storage in the basement?

In this corner we want to build storage shelves in a “U-shape” (like these) to maximize storage and allow us to easily access our tubs and allow us to store more tubs efficiently.  Currently, we have to un-stack the piles anytime we want to get to certain tubs.  Which makes it really convenient inconvenient.


In the opposite corner, we want to add storage for our bikes and plywood scrapes.  Since we will build shelves on the other side our tubs will be moved to allow for vertical storage of these scraps.  Adam has some neat ideas for this area I can’t wait to share with you closer to project time.  We would also like to hang our bikes in the corner.  Mainly to keep them from taking up space in the middle and allow us to really use the space more efficiently.  DSC_0699

After 7 years of living in our home, we feel like we have a good handle on what our needs are and how our humble schoolhouse can work for us.

We won’t be able to get to this project until late spring, but we are so excited to get this space to work for us.  Instead of the other way around.  🙂

Do you have any spring projects you’re gearing up for in the future?  Or have suggestions for Adam and I before we begin this project?

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