“Meating” Our New Freezer

Adam and I have been married over seven years and in those seven years we have never bought an appliance together.

Until now.

If we haven’t been an official married couple, we are now.  Why?

Because we bought a deep freeze together.

This gem was bought for us at an auction shortly after we were married.

Old Freezer

While it wasn’t much of a looker, it worked great for our need for a while.  That is until the seal wouldn’t seal properly.  It wasn’t until after the second time we found our deep freeze defrosting our meat, that we decided it was finally time to invest money in a new deep freeze.  One that wouldn’t waste our meat selection…

Thawed meat pic 2

Thawed meat

It was a fun Tuesday night when Adam discovered the bloody mess in our carport…Luckily we were able to save all of it due to catching it in time.  Whew.  If we hadn’t been able to save it, there definitely would have been tears.

The next day Adam did a bit of research to see what would be a good deal and found one 45 minutes away from us.


We ended up purchasing a FrigidAire upright freezer.  Thereby making our marriage official.  And officially making us adults.  And that, my friends, is sound logic. 🙂

When we moved the new freezer in to our carport we were sure to leave room behind the freezer and wall to promote circulation.  We have stored our freezer in our carport for several summers (hot temperatures and all) and have never had any problem had with the unit not keeping cold.

We keep a chest freezer in our basement for fruits and other freezer meals, but we really like having an upright to store our meats.  Something that we noticed as we were frantically saving the items from our freezer, we realized that we had much more in our freezer.  So, before we stocked our new freezer, we purchased hefty plastic bins.


As I was taking the meat from other freezers, I organized the cuts of meats into the basket.  This is in hope that we can easily see what we have for meals without digging around in a freezer.  Fridge Label

In addition to purchasing the white Sterilite tubs, we also bought a clear plastic tub to store the ground hamburger.  We wanted to store it like this in the freezer in case of a “thaw-out”; everything would be contained in, well, a container that could be easily cleaned.

Fridge Door Labeled

We do keep a bit of fruit in this freezer in the form of applesauce and the idea of having meat stored above it grossed me out.  So all of the meat is stored below; that way if things thawed out, there wouldn’t be gross things dripping on fruit.

In true adult fashion we’re excited to see how our new toy will work for us!

Anyone else have an emergency freezer clean out?  Please share your stories!  🙂

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