Gonna Be the Best Day of my Life

Part 1

It was 5:30 in the afternoon at Olathe Medical and Adam and I found ourselves with the greatest gifts we could ever hold. The smiles wouldn’t stop coming and the tears wouldn’t stop flowing.

We were finally holding our son and daughter in our arms.


But I’m getting ahead of myself.  There are so many details to tell you about.  Let me start back at the beginning for you.

Our day started around 7 am on Tuesday, September 12 as we prepared ourselves for a day of anticipating meeting our babies; the babies that we had been waiting for at least five years. The previous Sunday we drove up to the Kansas City area to spend the last two days as a family of two before we became a family of four.  Friends were extremely gracious in letting us stay in their apartment that weekend.  This apartment was a few walking blocks from the Power and Light District and right across the street from the public library where we could people watch for hours from the window of the apartment.  Kansas City, you are fascinating. We took refuge in Cosentino’s and their fancy dessert options.  Due to my nerves I probably ate way more chocolate covered strawberries than my pants felt comfortable with.  Monday we played two rounds of disc golf and took a tour of the Boulevard Brewery ending the day with dinner in the Plaza.  All these events we wanted to make sure we could do one last time before two (two!) newborns would readjust our priorities.

The next morning we were able to eat a little breakfast despite the nerves, pack a day bag that would hopefully distract us from the wait, and then found ourselves out the door heading to the hospital to be with our birth mother for a few hours before the day’s events got a little crazy.  There was nothing like walking out the door of that apartment knowing we would be walking back through the door as parents.  As weird as it may sound, I felt different as soon as my feet went over the threshold.

On the drive over to the hospital I just remember feeling such awe this was the day we would be meeting our Jake and Gabby.  In fact, Adam looked over at me and said “It looks like I could poke your face and it would just burst.  No offense.” My husband, ever the man with his words.

We parked the car, took our bags, and walked into Olathe Medical hand in hand.


Our social worker and the expectant mother coordinator were in the room making sure people were comfortable and had clear communication for what to expect.  When we walked into her room, we saw her sitting up in her bed with her mom and son sitting to her right.  Her sister was sitting in a large chair next to her daughter attempting to connect a device or two the WiFi. This was the first time we met her mom and quickly realized she is a person whom doesn’t like touch. I mistakenly went in for a hug because, well, I’m a nervous hug-er.  I was too far into the hug when I realized that physical touch was not her forte.  But being the person who doesn’t quit, I finished what I started.  Awkward hug and all.  Way to go, Jill.

Soon after our arrival, my cousin April arrived to take candid pictures throughout the day. Having her there was a gift; not only because of the memories she was capturing, but because she was a calming presence for everyone involved including our birth mother.




After a while, Adam and I found it was best that we camp out down the hall in the waiting room.  When we opened the doors to the waiting room, there was another family who was nervously waiting on the birth of their granddaughter.  It was obvious they already had several cups of coffee and weren’t really watching what was on the tv.  We laid out our books, quietly turned the channel to HGTV, and prepared ourselves for what could be a long wait.  About an hour after we set up our real estate, a short snippet of a lullaby came over the speaker.  The family immediately popped out of their seats to go see their new miracle.

During this time April was back and forth between the waiting room and our birth mother’s room taking pictures.  At one point our birth mother’s sisters came to the waiting room.  It was great to be able to talk to them and for them to get to know us.  They even told us how they came to choose our profile.  I’ll save that story for another time.  It gives me goosebumps to think there were other families shown and Jake and Gabby could have gone to another family.

Eventually it was lunch time, the sisters went back to see our birth mom, and our social worker wasn’t hearing too many updates about the labor progression.

Then all of a sudden, she received a text saying birth mom was at a 7.  Then an 8.

And then, it was go time.

I couldn’t look at anything.  I couldn’t do anything.  A mix of emotion came over me.

And then we heard the lullaby chime come across the speaker.  Twice.

Gabby and Jake entered this world at 3:13 and 3:21 respectively.


Oh, thank you God!  They were here safe and sound.  And they were here.







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